PANTHER Hinged Security Screen Door

PANTHER Sliding Security Screen Door

PANTHER Security Window Screen


Custom built Panther Protect Security Screening

PANTHER security doors and window grilles are Doolan's top of the line security products.

PANTHER security products pass and in many cases exceed all relevant Australian Standards whilst maintaining an elegant design and well finished look.

Available in either ABRA 316 Marine Grade Stainless or Galvanised steel security mesh, they are extensively tested for dynamic impact, knife shear and salt spray corrosion.

PANTHER Security Door and Window frames are engineered with an internal vertical leg which will collapse upon heavy impact, causing a dramatic wedging action between the frame and security mesh. The mesh is secured into this heavy-duty aluminium frame with self-locking assembly creating a unique strength advantage over all other designs, the stronger the impact on the security door mesh, the more secure the wedging action of the frame.  

Doolans stock all frames in a selection of eighteen standard colour frames, with the option to order non-standard colours available; colour palettes for standard and non-standard colours can be found in the FAQ area of the site.

ABRA CUB single locking mechanism come standard with all doors, triple locking mechanisms and other selected locks can also be installed upon request.

Doolans stock a large variety of extrusions in all standard colours with more available upon request.